Dec14 / Jan15 : Seminole Canyon SNA (Comstock, TX)

One of my favorite nearby Texas State Parks is Seminole Canyon SNA, located near Comstock.  The park is a quick drive from where I live and is where I run to when I want a break from the Hill Country and need to feed my desert cravings.  The park is most noted for it’s Lower Pecos pictographs (more on the parks history page).  I also took the White Shaman tour which isn’t part of the TPWD, but run by Rock Art Foundation and is located across the highway from the park entrance.  This trip predates my getting into digital photography, so all the images I share with you below were taken with my iPhone, but I hope you still enjoy them.  -ck

White Shamen -  (Moon Godess)
White Shamen – (Moon Godess)
Canyon Rim - Visitors Center
Canyon Rim – Visitors Center
White Shaman - Wall
White Shaman – Wall
Red Linear Pictographs
Red Linear Pictographs

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  1. Thanks for checking out my new blog Judd. It really is a special park and one that I didn’t think would be much of anything for many years. Now it’s become one of my favorite TPWD locations. Would love to go out there with you someday!

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