28MAR15 – San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Not all exciting treks come from remote places. The sun had peeked this Saturday and with the abundance of recent rains, wildflowers were waking to Spring. So, we decided to take a family trip to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens and it was an amazing adventure.

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Carriage House Bistro
After a wonderful lunch at the bistro, we began our tour of the gardens.  The Garden was featuring, among it’s regular exhibits, a journey into the rainforest and a bluebonnet exhibit.
The Botanical Gardens is wonderfully laid out and take you along footpaths through different terrains and biomes. These range from Piney Woods to Rainforest, each of course with their own beauty.  The weather was absolutely fantastic. We took slow walks through each of them and of course took tons of pictures as well.   Here are a few of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them.

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