Hill Country Day Hike / Shoot Bust … Sorta

For any of you readers who live in Texas, you are well aware of us being plagued by one storm after another recently (see last weeks post for some shots of what it’s looking like down here).  Well in spite of the prevailing weather, my daughter and I decided to head up to Lost Maples SNA to try to capture some images for a photo contest that closes this weekend.  We only made it half  way through our intended trip before the clouds, thunder and lightning rolled in on us (once we we made the ridge summit of course!) and cut the trip short.  We made it back down and to a large overhang to seek refuge and enjoy our lunch as the storm blew in.

So, I’d hoped to have some great shots for both you and the photo contest and instead just got to shoot a few while we were still down in the valleys.  I did however pick up a new 35mm f/1.8 prime lens and had some fun testing it out (future review once I’ve had some more time with it in the field) and a little more work on the ND8 filter (was one nice thing about the dark skies).

I did toss a few of the shots into a quick slide show for you and I hope you enjoy them.


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  1. Beautiful sun, a lot of green, water and action….feels sad.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Didn’t personally feel the sadness in the images, but an appreciative of you sharing.

  3. Awesome photos. Keep’em coming.

  4. Am looking forward to your weekly experiences with nature.

  5. Thanks Karenree. I think it’s going to be a fun project.

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