West Texas -November 2016

My daughter and I hit the road this week for West Texas and it was a glorious trip.  We spent most of our time in and around Gudalupe Mountains National Park, with some jaunts into New Mexico ranch lands at the foothills of the mountains.

Having spent a few years of my younger life living in this part of Texas, it left an impression on me that calls me back from time to time.  I think at a deeper level it sings in my heart because of the vastness of this space, it forces me into a state of the insignificance of self and an awareness of the entirity of creation.

On our trip, we met up with professional photographer Melanie Gentry who guided us to some spectacular photo locations and she shared with us tips and advice.  I can’t praise her enough for what she did for us and highly recommend her if you are ever interested in learning more about photography or commisioning her to photograph an event.


You can checkout some of my images from the trip at : https://goo.gl/awynlv

If you are into vlogs and would like to watch mine from the trip, check out my YouTube playlist : https://goo.gl/s1Qdx5

My daughter, Meridith, is becoming quite a photographer in her own right and you can see some of her images from the trip at : https://goo.gl/xpkkTH

-Peace, ck

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