Show Up and Shoot

My good friend and fellow photographer Melanie Gentry has spun up a new educational venture from her commercial photography business for those who want to learn more about photography.

Flexibility is the key – whether providing face to face or virtual assistance Show Up and Shoot is geared toward providing live support based on your needs and around your schedule ~ Show Up and Shoot Welcome Page

I’ve known Melanie for a number of years, attended her workshops and have no hesitation in endorsing her new platform to pay it forward to new aspiring photographers. I also plan to feature an interview with Melanie in my upcoming newsletter to introduce her to my readership.

So take a look at the new site and give her a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Orville-Majority Rule

The irony of this blog post being shared across my social media feeds does not escape me, but with all I saw at my conference last week (a complete other story that I might muster to write about someday) and then seeing this episode of The Orville I felt compelled to pass this along to those who might be receptive or interested in it’s satirical message.

The Orville if you are unaware of it is a TV series that “follows the crew of the not-so-functional exploratory ship in the Earth’s interstellar fleet, 400 years in the future” –IMDB plot summary. And I understand that SciFi might not be your cup of tea but Season 1 Episode 7 – Majority Rule is in my opinion worth the watch. If you do watch it or have already seen it, I’d love to hear your comments below.

Austin woman enjoys the gift of the desert

I don’t know if I’ve glimpsed inner peace or been transported to the sublime, or any of the other things we’re told that solitude in nature is supposed to bring us. I do know that, for maybe the first time ever, I’ve sat alone and attentive, in a patch of wilderness that may not always be so wild. I’ve hiked for miles without speaking, slept dreamlessly under the stars. I’ve touched all the edges of my own mind. This is what I came here for, and it is more than enough.

Read full article on the Austin American-Statesman website (link below)

Trip to Corpus Christi

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Corpus Christi, Texas for a business trip but of course I took my camera with me.  I was in class most of the day, but did get out a bit in the evenings to attend events and enjoy this beautiful city.  Here are a few shots I took, hope you enjoy.


San Antonio Museum of Art

My daughter was needing to go to the San Antonio Museum of Art for her college art course and do a paper, so she took her mother and me along for the ride.  I have visited other museums in San Antonio (Witte & McNay) but never here.  I was very impressed with it and will certainly visit it again when they finish installing some of their newer exhibits.

Click on my Adobe Spark post below to see some of the featured exhibits I photographed.  Hope you enjoy! -ck

A Trip to the Museum

TBOT 2018

tbot_logo_blackHappy Monday! I hope you had a terrific weekend, mine was fantastic. I spent the weekend camping out on a ranch and cooking for competitors from the Traditional Bowhunters of Texas (TBOT).

While visiting on Friday night with my fellow campers/cooks we figured that this was a twelfth year of coming to this event. Some of the kiddos running around helping us this year weren’t even born yet when we started!  It is always a great time (albeit a lot of work too) and I hope to continue for many years to come.

The organization changed venue locations a few years ago and now is literally on a ranch within a couple miles of Lost Maples SNA, so the terrain looks just the same as the park! After things settled down for the evening, I took a little hike up one of the course trails and took a couple shots. Hope you enjoy.