Kodachrome (movie)

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I recognize the risk of this being cliché in recommending this film on my site, but it was truly one I deemed worthy of passing along. I am not a film reviewer and so as not to risk any spoilers I don’t plan on going into any of the details of the movie.

I do however feel that many of my readers will find great metaphors and symbolism to the plot of the surface and deeper meanings in the interplay of the charachers. If you’re searching for something to watch, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado

A few months back as I was scanning through TED Talks, I came across this person and had never heard of him in my life (TED Talk – The Silent Drama of Photography). His story of his life and his photographs were totally breathtaking. I was very much moved by his talk, but soon forgot about him as days went by.

This past week I then also happened upon a full length documentary about him and his work – The Salt of the Earth (IMDB Link). This movie takes the story he shared for the TED stage and goes deeper into his background and life story. If you are a photographer or humanist or naturalist or part of the human race, I truly think you too will be moved by watching this film.

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