New Adventures

I have owned and maintained (semi-regularly);for many years, and the content has remained over this time mainly focused on photography and hiking. For quite some time however, I have also developed a craving to do more writing (things I'm interested in, things that I'm reading, etc.) and this doesn't necessarily always revolve around photography or the outdoors.

So, I've turned over a new leaf – starting with moving the entire site away from WordPress and to this platform. If you are a returning visitor, you might notice comments, likes, etc. are now missing. I have moved to becoming more of a digital minimalist (including no social media accounts for several years) and I want to share my stories without the need for “likes” and comments flowing and distracting me.

I still plan on sharing content from my adventures and images I capture but my blog will now be expanding to cover new writings and I again welcome you to join me in this new adventure. -ck

#writing #focus