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For about three years now I have used the iPad as my primary device for work and personal use (I have a Mac Mini that I remote into when something calls for a task that is more efficient performed on a desktop). I prefer the iPad because it fits my mind and attention better because, even though it can do some multi-tasking, it excels in shutting out the noise of other applications and notifications (thanks especially now to Focus Mode feature) which can distract me from my task at hand. Using this device and input transition I have struggled for many years to come up with an efficient method to use both the hardware and a system I feel comfortable with to write for online publishing. Until now!


I have owned and maintained (semi-regularly);for many years, and the content has remained over this time mainly focused on photography and hiking. For quite some time however, I have also developed a craving to do more writing (things I'm interested in, things that I'm reading, etc.) and this doesn't necessarily always revolve around photography or the outdoors.


Went out to Cook's Slough on Saturday and happened upon a female Summer Tanager. I was excited to get this shot because I'd only seen the males up until now. -ck

Summer Tanager

#birding #SummerTanager #CooksSlough

Got an annual membership to Zilker Botanical Gardens for my birthday this year and got to go with my family this weekend to explore the park for the first time. Here are a few images I was able to snap … hope you enjoy. -ck


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