About me

Hi, my name is Cash Keith and I live in a small South Texas community that borders the Texas Hill Country. I have been an avid outdoors enthusiast all my life. I find respite from my regular work grind by venturing into the outdoors, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends and family.

Since my teenage years I have enjoyed hiking, backpacking, and camping anywhere and everywhere the road takes me. I chronicle some of the more memorable trips here to share with you. I hope my stories bring you in on the adventure. I have also decided to explore writing on other topics and will be sharing them with you here as well.

Thanks for stopping by and let the adventure begin! -ck



“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt” ~ John Muir

P.S. If you are a returning visitor, and wondering what's happened to the site, check out my New Adventures post to read more.